2:am A story touched by sun by 2:am duo  sun /sʌn/ noun 1. the star round which the earth orbits. “the sun shone from a cloudless sky” 2. the light or warmth received from the earth’s sun. “we sat outside in the sun”  verb 3. sit or lie in the sun. “Buzz could see

Scents Simple sets, swift light resets and the pure beauty of perfumes. We wanted to keep the photos simple, no additives. Just letting products tell their stories. One photo, one hero. CREDITS: Photo: Mikołaj Krawczunas Art direction: Agnieszka Celej Set design: Dorota Kossakowska  

Look with eyes by Mikołaj Krawczunas Recently, how often have you gazed keenly? Whereas, unfocused on anything in particular; yet, seeing everything… Every person possesses their own, eye sparkle. While in some it’s dim, in others it’s bright and lively.  We are like moths flying around eager to see

no mental scars, no nursed grudges 3-channel video installation by Agnieszka Mastalerz The title of the exhibition comes from Zygmunt Bauman’s From Pilgrim to Tourist – Or A Short History of Identity, from the passage The Player. The exhibition included a new series of analogue photographs (2