DINING ROOM by 2:am Our latest ASMR project: a speed date with one of our favourite food stylists – Malwina Wachulec. We did some spontaneous shopping, recorded the preparation at the studio, and found ourselves eating this delicious shrimps supper at the end of the day. Bon appetit!  https://vimeo.c

B A L A N C I N G by 2:am Through balancing between complexity and simplicity of forms, this audio-visual project puts a spell on the viewers, leaving them in a serene, reflexive state. Modern, yet somehow nostalgic. Let yourself get swept up in this choreography of senses, the smoothness of the movem

ELEMENTY Wear x 2:am by 2:am An ode to tenderness. Bright and soft. Silky smooth breeze. The delicate sunlight, gentle nature running barefoot through a field of grass. Take a moment to let go of reality and sink into this poetic world ruled by Elementy Wear in directing debut by 2:am duo. To all those [&hellip

Floral studies by 2:am Inspired by the immortal works of Irving Penn we wanted to challenge ourselves with different shades of yellows, pinks and reds, and one of the most fragile objects – flowers.  https://chptr.pl/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/KWIATY_DISPLACE_LOOP_01_WEB.mp4 https://chptr.pl/wp-conte

Coffee Coast Directed by: Jakub Laskus, Agnieszka Celej & Mikołaj Krawczunas  Given the creative freedom, we spent two days testing and searching for the most scenic coffee landscapes for one of Bites clients. We ended with a couple of shots paired with photos – all inspired by earth’s natural won

Choreographic Montage experiments  These are montages based on the takes that we’ve recorded during one of our commercial projects at Bites. We have tested multiple materials combined with a tone generator, speaker and a metal plate (Chladni plate experiment). As the frequency increases the patterns chan

Here she comes A short story by Agnieszka Celej I wanted to create a world out of shapes and colors. Something that would immerse the audience, but in an analogue way. Images so soft, sensitive and sensual; almost fairy-tale-like. Even if I referred to an everyday situation; such as that of getting ready to go

2:am A story touched by sun by 2:am duo  sun /sʌn/ noun 1. the star round which the earth orbits. “the sun shone from a cloudless sky” 2. the light or warmth received from the earth’s sun. “we sat outside in the sun”  verb 3. sit or lie in the sun. “Buzz could see

Scents Simple sets, swift light resets and the pure beauty of perfumes. We wanted to keep the photos simple, no additives. Just letting products tell their stories. One photo, one hero. CREDITS: Photo: Mikołaj Krawczunas Art direction: Agnieszka Celej Set design: Dorota Kossakowska