by 2:am

From the deliberate pacing of the shot to the attention paid to the texture and smell of the bread, we intended this video to be a celebration of slow living and mindful consumption.


The camera lingers on the majestic figure of a young girl, lying, a loaf of bread rests before her, a humble offering in a world of abundance. She regards it with a mix of contemplation and curiosity, her gaze fixed upon its texture and shape, senses focused on its smell.

As the shot draws closer and we are caught up in the intimacy of the moment, the girl brings the bread to her lips, pausing to savor its aroma before finally taking a slow, deliberate bite. In this moment, time seems to stand still, the world fading away to leave only the girl and her bread. The sensations of taste and touch are left purely to the viewer’s imagination. 


Is there a deeper significance to the simple act of being present?


As the shot goes black, we are left with the lingering taste of bread on our tongues, a sense of stillness and meditative calm. This is a celebration of simple pleasures, savoring each moment and experiencing it fully.

To all those staying present 
To all those who don’t believe everything they think
To all those releasing the fear of letting go
To all those accepting the tension inside
The present might feel like a second, yet it’s all eternity we have


Dir: 2:am | @__2__a.m__
Producer: Kris Zhebryk | Chptr
Model: Alicja Zebrowska | @alicja.zebrowska
Mua and hair: Anna Piechocka | @by_catnel
Assistant: Roman Adasko