A story touched by sun by 2:am duo 

sun /sʌn/ noun 1. the star round which the earth orbits. “the sun shone from a cloudless sky” 2. the light or warmth received from the earth’s sun. “we sat outside in the sun”  verb 3. sit or lie in the sun. Buzz could see Clare sunning herself on the terrace below” 

Inasmuch as it seemed the winter was never about to leave us, we caught the first rays of sun and made them last. Where there was light, a feast of shadows appeared. We couldn’t resist the flow it gave us. It must have been at the coast, at a non existing border between Italy and Portugal. A nutty taste of orange wine. Little did we know then, however; only later did it become obvious for us. This photoshoot made us officially a duo.

None of the ingredients became a waste; at the end, we ate it all.

2am at chptr

Creators: 2:am
Set design & Food Stylist: Dorota Kossakowska
Model: Alicja Jurek