NODES by Agnieszka Mastalerz Nodes is a project analyzing spells as an example of control over another being. I focused on the violence of persuading somebody to fall in love. I have been considering casting a spell as an influential but not direct act for which specific tools or gestures might be needed.

INSIDE OUT Personal project inspired by Aesop by 2:am Whispers and wonders, inquiring and unveiling.Curiosity is a fire that glows.It’s the link between the familiar and the enigmas untold. Radiant, alluring, insatiable.Flowing like a gentle stream, forging its own course. It connects and inspires every p

BUBBLES by Mikolaj Krawczunas Step into the enchanting world of alchemy with our latest video project. In this mesmerizing visual journey, we delve into the captivating realm of experimental alchemy cosmetic bubbles, where science meets art to create a symphony of colors, textures, and shapes. Through a combi

BYREDO by 2:am Drawing inspiration from Byredo’s distinctive aesthetic, we’ve reimagined the complexity of their iconic fragrance, Rose of no man’s land, through four triptychs. Each one carefully crafted to reflect the complex nuances and depths of emotions and ingredients associated with the fragran

BREAD by 2:am From the deliberate pacing of the shot to the attention paid to the texture and smell of the bread, we intended this video to be a celebration of slow living and mindful consumption.   The camera lingers on the majestic figure of a young girl, lying, a loaf of bread rests before […]

DINING ROOM by 2:am Our latest ASMR project: a speed date with one of our favourite food stylists – Malwina Wachulec. We did some spontaneous shopping, recorded the preparation at the studio, and found ourselves eating this delicious shrimps supper at the end of the day. Bon appetit!  https://vimeo.c

B A L A N C I N G by 2:am Through balancing between complexity and simplicity of forms, this audio-visual project puts a spell on the viewers, leaving them in a serene, reflexive state. Modern, yet somehow nostalgic. Let yourself get swept up in this choreography of senses, the smoothness of the movem

ELEMENTY Wear x 2:am by 2:am An ode to tenderness. Bright and soft. Silky smooth breeze. The delicate sunlight, gentle nature running barefoot through a field of grass. Take a moment to let go of reality and sink into this poetic world ruled by Elementy Wear in directing debut by 2:am duo. To all those [&hellip

Floral studies by 2:am Inspired by the immortal works of Irving Penn we wanted to challenge ourselves with different shades of yellows, pinks and reds, and one of the most fragile objects – flowers.