by 2:am

Our latest ASMR project: a speed date with one of our favourite food stylists – Malwina Wachulec. We did some spontaneous shopping, recorded the preparation at the studio, and found ourselves eating this delicious shrimps supper at the end of the day. Bon appetit! 

To all those staying present 
To all those who don’t believe everything they think
To all those releasing the fear of letting go
To all those accepting the tension inside
The present might feel like a second, yet it’s all eternity we have


Dir: 2:am | @__2__a.m__
Dop: Mikołaj Krawczunas

Food Stylist: Malwina Wachulec 
| @malwina_wachulec
Light & Grip: Marcin Święcicki
Montage & Color: Igor Gołczyński | @igor.golczynski