We are a group of people fascinated by the dynamic world around us. In our examination of AI development and pursuit of boundless creativity, building community is key.

In Chptr we bring together creators, artists and innovators to nurture ideas into industry-changing products and services. Our goal is to stimulate cross-disciplinary collaboration and drive forward-thinking solutions that can have a significant impact on creative industries and society.

Here, amidst innovation, we connect, pushing limits and sparking ingenuity.

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In an effort
to delve deeper, we’ve launched a series of meetings within the project titled “CRE-AI-TIVITY” aimed at exploring the potential of AI in the creative and cultural sector.

As the field of AI continues to evolve, its impact is expected to expand even further, shaping an yet unknown upcoming. We believe that AI opens up exciting possibilities and raises crucial questions about the future of human creativity.

tabletop tryouts

To achieve top-notch results
we’ve assembled our own AI team to enhance Bites’ tabletop production, where the transformative power of AI meets the creative world of advertising and multimedia.

Dive in for a focused look at AI's impact on the audiovisual industry, and see how each our development inspires and shapes the future of creative content. Explore Tabletop AI Try-outs to see our latest in-house AI experiments.


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